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Just a tiny bit obsessed with this movie about giant robots punching giant monsters in the face.

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Asker ronithebear Asks:
Has anyone guessed Ned the Piemaker yet? And Joan of Arc isn't really a character but I'm putting her in there too
screechthemighty screechthemighty Said:

OH MAN Ned missed the mark by like 0.0000001%, it was a close call with the character who did make the list. I adore Ned, it just came down to “which work do I watch/listen to more” and yeah. Also, I do love Joan immensely, but she’s like…beyond categorization. Because saint and all.

Yo I used to watch that show and yup I had to give up on it ugh

I’ve been half-watching with family, so maybe that’s what makes it bearable.

The Swede is still freaking fascinating to me, TBH, like the rest of the show is fine, whatever, but what the hell is up with this character.

The fact that he is literally played by one of the demons from Supernatural only makes it weirder.


And the cover art I made for Like The Twist of a Plot after elementals recorded it because I friggin’.. I had to

Written by cleanwhiteroom
Read by elementals-ao3

See, this is the kind of episode that I can’t watch without getting angry, because I have a low tolerance for manipulative bullshit.

That moment when you want to shout “go eat a dick” at the TV but both your parents are awake and they’re still scandalized by you swearing.

Why are lady reporters always terrible in fiction, except in TMNT?

So I’ve been watching a lot of Hell on Wheels lately because my mom is watching it.

And I’m not entirely convinced that The Swede is a human being.


DON’T joke ship just don’t do it. it will not end well. it will stop being a joke.

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OMG john sounds awesome and like he’d get along with my OCs just fine XD ALAN SOUNDS SOOOO KAWAII JUST MY FAVE KIND OF ROBOT DOWN TO EVERY DETAIL and youre newt characterization is SPOT ON. I love ittttt

John has been rattling around in my brain for so long. I almost feel bad for all the shit I put him through. >.>

Alan is a darling, he really is. He learns to knit, too, so he’ll have something to do at night when everyone’s asleep and he’s not charging anymore.

I have been writing so much Newt lately, it’s ridiculous. It’s hilarious how I talk about Newt so much when you could argue I’ve written MORE about Hermann. My last longfic was focused on him, and Mathematical Badass is also kind of a secondhand character study. It’s probably because I RP as Newt. I’ve had to think about these things a lot.

Asker allfinehere Asks:
That pic of Hermann in your outfit is amazing hahaha. If you're feeling it, Newt's reaction to it would be spectacular ;)
screechthemighty screechthemighty Said:


Happy to oblige (quickly heh)

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