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I also do scarf commissions for fun and profit. Commissions are currently open, info on how to find a scarf can be found here.

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[lsp voice] omglob did u see that hot new prince from the licorice kingdom 

I’m just going to make the working title of my research project “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s a Gorram Arms Race” and maybe that will cheer me up about all the work I didn’t do this weekend.


Newt on the run!

Will be making these into large prints for both Fanime and Shatterdooome!

New chapter of my Tendo-Choi-hugs-all-the-people fic! Featuring Hermann Gottlieb! Huzzah!

Tendo and Hermann being friends is officially one of my favorite things, just FYI.

Next chapter will involve Newt, and also kinda-sorta-loosely tie into this other fic I wrote. Because I can.




a dystopian novel about some guy who works in the government and is just trying to get by while some shitty kids try and overthrow society


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I have to reboot this today!


I have to reboot this today!

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Do the Professor X/Magneto shippers know about that time Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen did “Waiting for Godot” together because

……I really hope you’re watching a movie and not flipping a house.

I’m watching Ghost Adventures, don’t worry. xD

Although one of the dorms on my campus was rumored to be haunted and I lived there for an entire semester.

Nothing happened, but it was super creepy there sometimes.

wait Really?! Awesome, ima watch me some Ghost Adventures~

Yup! They’re in this place called the Pierce Mansion, I think, it’s in Boston, and there have been SEVEN confirmed deaths in the house so far. And now they’re about to investigate the guy who owned it before the family that lived there, there’s the implication that some bad stuff went down when he owned it.